Guatemala 2014/2015


At York House, we support people from all backgrounds and endeavour to do so by educating ourselves, getting involved in social issues and lending our voices, hands and feet to people who need them. The Spanish for Social Justice Club currently supports two organizations: El Hogar from Honduras and Project Somos in Guatemala. Our partnerships with these two organizations have led to a greater cultural understanding, appreciation and respect for the people in Honduras and Guatemala. Through service trips to the organizations, community days, fundraisers and presentations at York House, we have and will continue to advocate for the underprivileged at El Hogar and Project Somos.


About Project Somos

Project Somos is an organization that seeks to provide opportunities and hope for single Guatemalan mothers living in the poorest of conditions. Families are provided a safe home for two years, and mothers are taught life skills to support themselves after they leave the Project, including managing finances, family planning, health and nutrition. Heather Knox and Greg Kemp are the cofounders of this organization and are from Vancouver, but prefer to live in Tecpán for most of the year, working at Project Somos.

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  1. Colleen Marte February 2, 2015 at 10:17 am #

    ¡Me gusta mucho tu blog!

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