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Our Hotel Chinimaya in Panajachel

17 Mar

Exploring Panajachel and Lunch in Pana

17 Mar

We are in Pana right by Lago Atitlán!


Young Mayan Girl Lago Atitlán

17 Mar


Departing the Barceló

17 Mar


We are rested and ready for our adventure in Guate!  ¡Vamonos!

Breakfast and Birthday Cake at the Barceló

17 Mar

Arissa get´s a surprise birthday cake at the Barceló during breakfast!


Supper at the Barceló

16 Mar


We supper tired but hungry too, so we had a wonderful supper at the  Barceló hotel!  La primera cena del viaje.

Arrival in Guatemala

16 Mar


We arrived and so did all our luggage!!



Our guide Marla is at the airport to great us!

Arissa’s Bday

16 Mar


Arissa turns 16 on the airplane and we throw her a celebration.  Her birthday is also announced on the plane! ¡ Feliz cumpleaños, Arissa!

Airport and Airplane Time

16 Mar






Monday Recess Meetings

5 Mar


Guatemala trip participants have been meeting every Monday during the morning recess to prepare for the tip.  This is a photo of our second last meeting. We are getting really excited.  ¡Pronto viajamos a Guatemala!

Are you getting excited about this adventure?