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Let’s catch up a little . . .

20 Mar

Hey, y’all! These past few days have been crazy, so I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging.

Friday: as usual, a normal day. I was relieved that the week was over, except I was wearing the gym uniform, which consists of a t-shirt and sweatpants. I didn’t have to join in, but the class was divided into two groups and they have to choreograph a dance. It was funny to watch. 🙂 As Xime said – and I quote – “it went horribly”. I thought it didn’t look to bad.

In the afternoon, Xime had to work on a school project with her classmates, so we went over to her friend’s house to chill out and work. It was really fun and I laughed a lot. The stars came out that evening with an almost full moon. It was really amazing to just lie on the lawn and stare at the stars and moon, with the crickets chirping.

Saturday: read Anna’s blog. She pretty much covered everything. I just wanted to say it was amazing walking around a small town. I really enjoyed walking into the church because the architecture was incredible. Did Anna mention that i bought this cute little turtle pin? In the evening, a friend joined us and we went to a restaurant to play board games.

Sunday: just a relaxing day. We attended a Catholic mass. I didn’t understand much of what the priest was saying. Xime and Pao showed me where cremated bodies were (including their grandmother’s) – it was very touching to see all the flowers and notes people had left behind. But very sad at the same time 😦

Keep you guys updated! Tomorrow, we have a prof day again? Can you believe it? No idea what we’ll be doing . . . See ya!

March 19

19 Mar

Today Dany’s and Ximena’s families, as well as Ximena’s uncle [who was our tour guide], took us to Taxco. It took about an hour and a half to drive there. When we arrived we took a gondola lift up onto a mountain, and went to a hotel to see the magnificent view of the city. It was amazing!

Then we went back down and went to the center of the city. It was a beautiful city with lots of narrow streets made out of stone and white houses with red roofs. There were also tonnes of small stores, all selling items made out of silver, because Taxco has many silver mines and is known for it’s silver. Before looking at the stores though, we went to the Santa Prisca Cathedral. The cathedral was beautiful! Inside everything was made with amazing details and entirely out of gold. There were also lots of paintings inside the cathedral, including the only painting portraying virgin Mary as pregnant! It was really interesting, and Ximena’s uncle explained everything to us very well, as well as another man whom we did not really know, but I think he was a tour guide.

After the tour through the cathedral, we went to eat in a Mexican restaurant close by. The food was delicious, and after lunch we kept walking through the town, and went to a little shop on the street to buy frozen ‘arroz con leche’, which is frozen rice pudding. It tasted amazing! Next, we walked a little more through the town and looked into a couple stores. Some of the shops had silver mines in the back, but we did not go into any of them. We then returned to the car at around 4:30 and drove back to Cuernavaca. I almost fell asleep in the car because I was so tired, but Taxco was an amazing town! No wonder it is called Pueblo Magico [magic town]!


March 18th

18 Mar

Friday! Yay! Today was a normal school day. I attended all the classes with Dany. WE had English, English Literature, a two hour block of chemistry labs, Math and Spanish. My favourite today was chemistry. Everyone worked in groups and had to find the pH of different substances, but first the chemistry teacher did a really cool demonstration using different acids, bases and liquid nitrogen. The substance kept turning different colours, such as pink and blue, and then when she put the liquid nitrogen in it turned clear again and started steaming. I did not understand exactly what she was doing, because the explanation was in Spanish, but I still found it extremely interesting. Otherwise I got to help measure the different pH’s of the substances. It was lots of fun! The science classes in Mexico are really different though. None of the students really follow the safety procedures, and the teachers do not really care. After Chemistry we got to skype the Spanish class back in Vancouver, which was really nice.

After school, we came home and a friend came with us. We then played scrabble until it was time to go to the taco restaurant. The tacos were DELICIOUS! They are different than the ones we have in Vancouver, but sadly I forgot to bring my camera, but I found a picture of the type of taco I ate online! After having lunch, we went to the Cuernavaca Plaza. It was really cool because it was mostly outside and there was a nice fountain. There we had an ice cream. I had nutella flavoured ice cream! It was really yummy as well.

March 18

18 Mar

March 18th (aka, Blog post 4)

18 Mar

Hey guys! It’s burning here – 32 last time I checked. I had gym today, and the uniform consists of a t-shirt and sweatpants. Not very comfortable. Today was a fairly normal day. Nothing exciting. Except for the 2 Skype sessions we had with Señora Marte and her Spanish classes. Right now, I’m hanging out at Xim’s friend’s house.


Geez, it´s so warm here!

18 Mar

March 18!

18 Mar

Hola again.

March 17

17 Mar


Today, as you have heard from Rachel, we went to see a movie about a huge crystal cave in Northern Mexico. I found it really interesting, although I hardly understood anything! It was a really different experience though, because as Rachel said, the kids kept talking to each other, playing games and texting on their cellphones and having “shushing” and clapping contests, and the teachers never got mad! The teachers are also very lenient on the bus: people walk around and Dany and I were even stuck between to students throwing cereal at each other! It was really funny. They also thr

ew paper airplanes! All the teachers just let the students have fun.

After school, Dany, her family and I, as well as one of her friends, went out to eat at a restaurant. It was really yummy, but we did not eat Mexican food. Then we went to her french classes, which lasted two hours. When they were over, we went back to Dany’s house shortly before going on a short walk to get some strawberry flavoured Tamales. It was funny because I could no

t figure out how to eat them until Dany showed me:  you have to take off the covering first before you can eat it! I felt really stupid, but after I started laughing and everyone joined in I just found it funny.

Tomorrow, after school, Dany is taking me to eat REAL tacos. I am really excited! I will make sure to bring my camera and take some pictures, so I can upload them. We already had tacos once, but Dany says those were different and these are going to be the real ones!

I will keep you updated!

Mmmmm... Tamales!!

Saint Patrick’s Day! (3rd blog post continued)

17 Mar

Forgot to say Happy Saint Pat’s day, everyone! I know we don’t celebrate it that much in Vancouver, but we were al


since Xime and Pao go to Irish dancing, all the dancers were wearing green and they had a green cake there, too. It was delicious.

This won’t be called 3rd blog . . . Normal day with a movie!

17 Mar

Hey, guys! Today was a normal day like the last. The students have to practice reading a speech they wrote – can’t wait to hear them! Ethics is much different than what we do at school. We were talking about intelligence and what it’s meaning is (it’s in English). Then they had us do a test to determine where out best area of intelligence is – linguistics, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, bodily kinesthetic, interpersonal, or intrapersonal. Very interesting. English literature after (discussing the merchant of venice, yay!), then ethics again with a different teacher. Except this one was in Spanish, so I had no idea what they were discussing. 🙂

And then (dramatic drumroll) – the movie. It was a mix of Spanish and Italian, so I didn’t understand what they were saying. But they were exploring different crystal caves, and it was so beautiful. And then the people around us clapped at least seven times before the movie ended, with cell phones going off and “shhhhhh” contests happening throughout the entire film.

Tomorrow’s Friday. We’re doing more exploring on Saturday, so I’m really excited. Keep you guys posted!